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~The Last Chapter~ ~The Last Chapter~

Rated 5 / 5 stars

pretty good

this was done well, far as boss music hmm i would have to see the game that this would be in, im sure it could fit well with someones game. maybe for an rpg?? keep going... its good. actually if you kinda changed the music scale this could go well for a tds i would think

[ f ] Moving Up [ f ] Moving Up

Rated 5 / 5 stars

im not rating as being hip hop.

this actually pretty nice...does kinda have that hip hop feel to it. i think it would sound nice in a movie. maybe good in a scary movie in opeing of the movie? i dont know. just beucase of the way you pitch changed that high pitched industrial-like sound.. keep going, i give you 100 percent for the perfesional-imaginational idea you put into this.

flashmac responds:

Thanks man. It does have an industrial feeling to it, huh? Thanks a lot for the review man, I appreciate it.

[WC] Messing Around [WC] Messing Around

Rated 5 / 5 stars

hopefully i write an alright review

to my oppinion this could actually work good for an rpg for someones theme...nice work, had to comment since you said it sucked. someone that is sweet and calm, i dont know something...again, keep going, good work i think.

StarFox Fleet War has Come. StarFox Fleet War has Come.

Rated 5 / 5 stars


music i compose, do you mind taking the time to exchange the original instruments to better quality like you did to this? when i get credited in games your name will automatically be put with mine, and ofcourse ill send you an email what game was used etc. this is really nice, anyway good luck and if your interested please email me. if not its okay. maybe you can consider "orchestrating" batman from the NES, for more info go to then ""game archive"" on the right, then go to NSF then find batman, after that go here tml, click on G-NES, then click G-NSF(english) that will download the NSF player. in case you didnt know all this :D

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BowserThedestructive responds:

Cool :)
Ya i Dont really mind too much people like it like it so i take the time to reorchestrate songs at my best efforts.
then i add some umph to the orignal :)
Sweet my orchestrations in flash yaya :)
ya ill check it out I should be able to do the batman one.
I hope so at least.
Never mind i found it plus better nsf to midi OWNAGE so 11 songs of batmans orchestrated may take time but ill have it uploaded and Perfect thanks so much:O!